We can take you to artists’ ateliers which are both unusual and full of atmosphere so that you can celebrate special occasions with your family and friends whilst enjoying delightful music and delicious food.

We can take you via chartered boat right to the door of a former granary which has been elegantly furnished and decorated in your style, or to a private villa on the Wannsee lakes.

We can think up alternate programmes for your staff so that they can have a different experience the city.

Discover the town from a completely different perspective with James Bond.

Make your own film with staff or guests. Become a film star against a dramatic backdrop and make your own fascinating experiences.

We can take you to places which are completely different to your theme, thereby making them all the more exciting, without compromising your own style.
We can take you to places which surprise you and which find a link to your theme and your expectations in an unexpected way.