The one with the best presentation, the right team and the right tactics, wins the game.  This is also true for company communication and company-specific events.  The company that wishes to be successful in the long term needs an agency which identifies with its customers, which thinks the same way and which takes action.  You too need a team whom you can trust 100 per cent to be creative, to plan and to carry out those plans perfectly, whilst at the same time being both flexible and reliable.

Perhaps you need all the advantages of an innovative network but at the same time do not want to have to forgo the trust of a competent, known contact person?  Perhaps you need both?  Or maybe much more.  But always, of course, tailored to your needs and only when it really is of use to you. 
Have you found your dream-team aleady ?  Or are you still looking?  If you don’t yet know who you want to be standing on the playing-field with, then just ask us.  We look forward to ensuring that you play right at the front, right from the start, with skill, heart and soul.
Having worked on programmes and events with key, flexibile partners over many years, we know that we can rely on them, just as they can rely on us.

• caterers • florists / decorators • musicians / performers • entertainers and speakers • technicians • interior decorators • advertising professionals • printers • limousine and bus services • locations • guides • games and sports hosts • and many other partners

Our associate for conferences and IT-solutions:


Our associate for meeting rooms located in the downtown area, Berlin-Mitte